Friday, December 14, 2012


The rising fast of pay day loans due to instant online access and due to same day payment.

Current economic downfall has seen the rising demand in pay day loans in South Africa. Until  2010, this kind of loans were unfamiliar in SA. People were just offered short term loans which were to be repaid within a period not more than six ( 6 ) months. The short term loan would attract higher interest rate than the long repayable term loan. With the coming into the country of the Uk known Wonga, payday loan corporation, an increase has been noted in the lenders offering pay day loans.

The question one ask is what exactly led to the inception of payday loans? It appears that hostile economic situation experience in recent years, affected the manner in which people were given credit. Consumers were, due to this circumstance, forced to change the way in which they borrow money. Economic turmoil forced creditors to tighten they lending conditions and requirements, and further a large number of consumers were heavily in debt after borrowing too much. 

Borrowing too much by consumers means, now they would no longer be qualified to apply for personal loans. This ultimately created a fertile market for payday loans. This on the other side gave consumers some immediate relief in form of small loans to help them with the money they desperately need. For these reasons, pay day loans are in demand in South Africa.


Pay day loans are good alternatively to your ordinary loans because of the fact that you save considerable interest on the loan. Pay day loans or Salary advance are payable within a circle of not more 32 days. This in effect means interest is applied to your loan for no more than 32 days. The most important aspect about them is the time within which you can get these loans. Most are payable on the same day you applied for it.

Further pay day loans are available fast and online. In Corporations like Wonga, you can apply for a instant pay day loan and get paid the amount the same day. Very quick indeed. Wonga boost payment within 1 hour of applying. If you are a green earth fanatic, you also get the loan thru a paperless online submission. 
Pay day loans in South Africa will definitely close the gap between the likes of 60 day installment loans and 6 months small term loans. With many more people unable to be approved for personal loans, we will see a bigger and faster increase in payday loans.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick Fast Personal Cash Loans

We are able to meet our daily monetary commitments through our hard earned money. It is for this money that one is able to buy a house, Car and some furniture. Most importantly, we buy food and pay for other expenses such as school fees and municipal taxes to mention just a few. Personal loans help us in times of need to get money.

Cash Loans, Micro loans, Pay day loans, Quick & Fast Cash loans, Instant Loans and long term loans are all personal loans.

Personal loans whether you call them cash loans, micro loans, fast quick loans, pay day loans, cash advance loans, online loans ect. are a way people who are in need of money fast and quickly are given financial assistance. While banks some years back were the only institutions granting personal loans, with strict requirement, the private sector in form of saw the demand and the need to provide personal loans here in South Africa.

When the private sector become in lending money in form of personal loans, these loans were referred to as “cash loans”. Previously, private lenders were lending money to people on a very small scale with regards to the cash amount. As long as you were employed and the borrower can be able to get the cash loan amount on your salary date, cashloan would be given out to you. The cash money was given to you as an instant cash loan. You would be given cash at the office of the personal cash lender. It is for this reason that they were called cash loans. This  means you get fast, quick and instant cash.

The circumstances have since changed. Private loan companies are now offering a high amount to cash loans to the public. Some are even matching bank pound for pound. Some of these lenders offer up to R150,000.00 in personal loans. There market has really grown with high competition for cash loan lenders.
For those who cannot afford cash loans with long term repayment, pay day loans an option. These are basically small fast loans which are payable when your salary is paid. You are given a cash loan until your pay day. So if you are declined for a long term cash loan, pay day cash loans will give you some help.

Due to financial pressure and the need to pay bills immediately, people now started to search or rather demand fast, quick and instant loans whether cash loans or personal loans. Some deadline forces you to apply for a fast and quick loan. It is even easier when these loans are offered online. Getting a fast quick and instant cash loans online with make sure that you have your cash immediately and same day. South Africa is not exempted from fast loans online like the rest of the world. Technology has seen the fast need and demand for loans online. People no longer want to do the traditional personal cash loans application. They want a fast and instant loan application process.

If you really want a loan in SA, you may want to apply using the fast possible method here, which is online loan application. You complete an application online, upload documents online and you cash loan application is considered and approved fast.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fast Instant Cash Loans

Are you running short of money? Do you need money for your holiday? Borrowing money can help you to bridge some financial gaps and to get solution to your cash problem. Think proper when you need a cash loan. Apply for fast instant cash loan when you really need.

When you borrow cash, you still have an obligation to pay it back. It is therefore a credit advanced to you and in order not to get unnecessary debts, borrows money for something serious. Instant fast cash loans can help you to get out of a serious financial situation. How to you get these cash loans? It is quite easy and simple to borrow money.

You can go to your bank and lend money or you can go to micro finance companies to get a loan. Borrowing from non-bank institutions is good as you are almost guaranteed of the loan been approved fast. Most people want instant fast cash loans to pay for outstanding school fees, buy school uniform or buy school stationery.

It is also possible for people to get fast instant cash loans to pay for the charges of car repair costs. You get the money instantly. When you get money from loan lenders, it is important to determine whether you cash loan requires security. It is also important to find out the interest rate they will charge you for the cash loan.  Interest charges may vary according to your credit bureau record. People with cleaner record will get the lower interest rate charge and people with bad ratings will get charged higher interest. If you really need cash loan fast, the interest rate should not be a bar to getting an instant cash loan.

Once you have determine the interest payable on your fast cash loan, you may proceed to apply online for the cash loan. Online application provides you with fast instant results for you loan application.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Online Cash Loans

Financial  depression  is  the  cause  of  more  demand  for  cashloans. Because  of  a  sharp  increase  in  the  costs  of  living, salaries  are  unable  to  match  expenses. With  salaries  been  unable  to  last    longer   until  the  next   pay  day, cashloans  are  the  only  way  people  can  survive. If  you  want  a  cash  loan, you  may  have  to  consider      searching  online  for  a  cash  loan

Online  cash  loans  are  basically  easier  loans  that  you  find  through  in  internet  search. There  are  various  loans   online  that  you  can  apply  for. Depending  on  your  need, you  may  apply  for  a  pay  day  cash  loan, cash  loans  of  up  to  R15000,00 (usually  called  short  term  loans)  and  loan  repayable  for  a  period  of  up  to  60  months (called  long  term  loans).
You  will  make  a  choice  of  the  cashloan  you  want  to  apply  for  online. The  good  thing  about  online  application  is  that  it  will  saved  you  time. You    are  spare  the  time  of  going  to  a  cash  loan    micro  lender  to  fill  lengthy  application  forms.  It  also  save  you  some  few  bucks  that  obvious  you  need  to  save  to  pay  for  those  expenses  behind.

Remember,  when  you  apply  for  a  cash  loan  online, you   still  have  to  make  sure  that  you  meet  the  micro  lenders’  lending  criteria. The  most  important  requirement  of  all  personal  loan   lenders  is  affordability.  No  company  will  lend  you  money  if  you  cannot  afford  to  pay  it  back. After  all,  micro  lenders   and  banks   are  in  the  business  of  making  profit  out  of  lending  you  money. No  company  would  approve  you  loan  application  if  you  cannot  afford  to  back  it  back  monthly. Micro  lenders  and  banks  alike  are  not  some  good  Samaritans  that   give  out  cash  to  people  who  are  begging  for  it.

Once  you  can  pass  the  affordability  test, you  cash  loan  application  online  will  be  approved. Once   approved, the  money  will  be  paid  into  your  bank  account, and you  will  have  some  relief    for  some  few  days. The  obligation  is  now  for  you  to  start  servicing  your  debt.

After  all  online  cash  loans  provide  some  fast  relief      for  people  who  urgently need  money.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Same Day Cash Loans

Sometimes when you need a loan, you need it the same day. This might be because you need to pay something immediately. Is it possible to get a same day cash loan? Yes, there are many lenders who can give you a loan the same day. It depends on the kind of cash loan you want.

Most same day loans are pay day or cash advance loans. You are given a cash loan same day which you have to pay back at the end of the month or when you get paid your salary after you took the loan. Most of the loans can be access online and they are very fast. These are usually small loans. However, most companies would conduct credit checks  to check you payment records. Once approved, they are paid into your bank account within few hours, same day.

Other same day loans are short term loans lending up to around R10,000 loans. In order to get approval same day, you will need to bring along all required and necessary documents to apply for a cash loan. Although these kind of loans do not conduct credit checks, they consider your affordability to pay back your sameday cash loan. The repayment time for the cash loan might be anything from 1 month to 12 month. Usually, same day cash loans would attract higher interest.

Another kind of same day loan is your long term loans. There are also many lenders who you approve your cash loan same day. What happens is that you will complete your loan application online and within hours your loan application will be approved subject to you providing the lender with certain documents to proof your Identity, bank account and your residential address. Once you submit these documents your same day loan will be paid into your bank account. The payment here will depend on how fast your furnish the requested documents to the micro lender.

Same day cash loans can provide the much needed relief if you need c ash loan fast..